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Unlock the true power of your products when you {co-de}sign your system.

Abstract your design system into three layers. Foundation, Theme, and Brand Expression. Build these layers as an API. Connect to any design tool and development framework.
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Adam Kendrew
Product designer at Sky Betting & Gaming
"Definitely resonates, and was the approach we were really pushing for at PokerStars"
Ric Gravina
Head of Design at Gymshark
"Sounds great!"
Vlad Averin
Group lead, Product Design at PandaDoc
"Sounds awesome!"
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Design system director at Unit4, consultant, mentor & founder of atomle
✅  Design system direction and strategy support
✅  Design system team operation modelling
✅  Design system team coaching
✅  Design system team meeting attendance
✅  Option of 3, 6 or 12 month contract
💷  £POA (Price on asking)

The foundation layer

atomle design system API tool
Your tokens and components built as a simple JSON API
Define the skeleton of your tokens and components that are shared across all your products and platforms.
Design system API tool
Coming soon

The theme layer

Style your tokens and components to any theme
Instantly switch things like font, colors, spacing, border-radius and box-shadow without the need to change anything from your foundation layer.
Theme building tool
Coming soon
atomle theme building tool

The brand expression layer

atomle prototyping tool.
Create on-brand experiences
Add the brand assets, imagery, illustrations, icons, textures, and motion. Then {co-de}sign entire experiences using all of your design system components, together.
Prototyping tool
Coming soon